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  • Army wrests control of crisis

    21 May 2014 : The military has taken centre stage in the protracted political crisis by assuming what it described as a "mediating role" after deploying troops on the streets yesterday to impose martial law.
  • Jatuporn ready for Suthep talks

    20 May 2014 : Red shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan said on Tuesday he was prepared to talk with political opponent Suthep Thaugsuban if army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha agreed to mediate the meeting.

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  • Govt supporters respond cautiously

    21 May 2014 : Several pro-government groups in the provinces reacted with caution yesterday following the army's declaration of martial law while red-shirt-affiliated community radio stations largely complied with an order prohibiting them from broadcasting news that could affect peacekeeping operations.
  • Prayuth to ‘force’ peace talks

    21 May 2014 : Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha has declared martial law because he wants to use it as a lever to get all sides in the political conflict to negotiate and break the deadlock, according to an army source.
  • Army move earns Abhisit endorsement

    21 May 2014 : Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva has backed the invocation of martial law, urging all sides to support any action which prevents loss of life and helps restore peace.
  • Residents hope peace will return

    21 May 2014 : People from all walks of life are hoping the imposition of martial law will return peace and order to the country.
  • Army closes 14 'political' TV stations

    21 May 2014 : The new Peace and Order Maintaining Command (POMC) centre has shut down 14 satellite television stations, including Bluesky, ASTV and Asia Update.
  • New polls can still go on, says EC

    21 May 2014 : Martial law will not affect preparations for fresh polls, said the Election Commission.
  • Academics, activists blast ‘dated’ law

    21 May 2014 : Anti-government protesters have welcomed the announcement of martial law, but academics and human rights groups blasted it for putting the future of the country in the hands of the army chief.
  • SC Asset denies weapons kept at Shinawatra Tower

    21 May 2014 : SC Asset Corp, a real-estate firm run by the Shinawatra family of ousted premier Thaksin, has denied a rumour spread on social media that war weapons were kept at Shinawatra Tower III, which houses the company.
  • World govts urge caution, peaceful end

    21 May 2014 : Governments across the world expressed their concern about the situation in Thailand after the declaration of martial law and they hope the political conflict can still be resolved by democratic means.
  • Prayuth orders newspaper censorship

    20 May 2014 : Martial law chief Prayuth Chan-ocha ordered print media and TV operators from carrying interviews with anyone who might "confuse society or provoke violence".

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